Mohsin Raza


Mohsin Raza is an educator by passion and has been leading two schooling systems in Karachi and has vast experience of 10 years in the field of education. His teaching philosophy is grounded on his strong conviction in the power of love and empathy as a key and necessary enabler for imparting education. He has a passion for helping students to unlock their creativity, organize their thinking, and explore their world. During his rich experience as a teacher, mentor, and career counselor, he has trained and conducted numerous trainings and workshops which have turned out to be paradigm-shifting for many young teachers and students. He seeks to empower teachers of the society by developing a teacher’s training system which shall help the teachers imparting a great deal of knowledge to their learners. He has mastered and conducted plentiful trainings on Effective teaching methods, Motivating students, Classroom management, Science of Designing Assessment, etc.

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