Muhammad Baqar

Chief Executive/Co-founder

Mr. Baqar is the Co-founder and CEO of EDLAB-Pakistan. He is a firm believer in the power of inculcating moral values in students coupled with education in hard sciences. Prior to EDLAB-Pakistan, he has served as Lecturer at Iqra University and PAF-KIET. Baqar also has 9+ years’ experience of teaching various science subjects to high school students at various private institutions. He launched an institution-wide Student Master Assessment Program to bring assessment methods down to effectively topical, conceptual level for each student to ensure understanding.
He co-founded Career Camp, a 5 day student mentorship and inspirational program that facilitated in students to self-exploration and career planning. Baqar has conducted 100+ sessions and been a regular invitee to speak on multi-dimensional topics on motivation, career counseling, effective mentoring, interpersonal skills, and communication skills, etc. on numerous occasions and platforms.

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