A strong school leadership develops and nurtures the learning environment, while an effective management impacts motivation, commitment and a sense of ownership amongst the stakeholders. EDLAB is offering a ‘School Capacity Building’ program to support your school in achieving both through effective leadership. We aim to provide an improved sense of productivity in terms of quality education, number of admissions, teachers’ turnover and cost management. Most importantly, we provide the training and support that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly and realize concrete improvements in learning metrics.


Considering the fast-paced world where current educational practices are quickly becoming obsolete, our team at EDLAB aims to work closely with schools to identify areas for improvement and deliver interventions tailored to their needs. The School Development Program is a year-long consultancy program focused towards helping schools move beyond being brick and mortar structures and develop into institutions for lifelong learning. Through assessments and interventions, our projects cover school curriculum, pedagogy, professional development of teachers, and a lot more.


School Improvement Plan aims to revamp schools working with limited resources and tight budgets. It includes improvement in both academic and non-academic areas Duration of this project would be of 2 academic years. During the first year, all interventions would be made as per standard operating procedures. During second year monitoring and evaluation would be done for quality assurance.